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Schematic Electrical Rules Check (ERC) is the use of circuit design software to design

Shenzhen Rigao Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

Schematic Electrical Rules Check (ERC) is the use of circuit design software to design a good circuit designed by the user in order to be able to check out the human error or negligence.

    Schematic Draw Window Tools Tools | ERC ... Electrical Rules Check

    ERC dialog box options defined:

    Multiple net names on net: Detects "the same network naming multiple network names" error

    Unconnected net labels: Warning checks for "unattached network labels"

    Unconnected power objects: Warning check of "not actually connected power supply"

    Duplicate sheet mnmbets: Detect "circuit diagram number"

    Duplicate component designator: "component number re-number"

    Bus label format errors: "Bus label format error"

    Floating input pins: "Input pin floating"

    Suppress warnings: "The test will ignore all warning detections and will not display a test report with a warning error"

    Create report file: "After the completion of the test program is automatically test results exist in the report file"

    Add error markers: whether or not an error symbol is automatically placed in the wrong location

    Descend into sheet parts: decompose the test results into each schematic, for a hierarchical schematic

    Sheets to Netlist: Select the range of schematic files to be tested

    Net Identifier Scope: Selects the range of network identifiers

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